Technique Twelve Photography Studio


I’m an artist.  And by that I mean I look at life through the eyes

of an artist.  Everything that I see is art and I try to convey that in

my work.  From my paintings to my photography, I don’t wish to

just take a photograph but I want to transport the viewer and make

them feel what I was feeling and maybe even something extra.  I love

to deal with the un-reality of life.  Some what of an escape from the 



All images copyright Kevin Bright. All rights reserved. 


Growing up on the Eastside of Detroit there was more reality that I care

to re-imagine.   And through that process I would use art as a way of 

channeling my focus outside of that.  So art was a form of escape.   I feel

very strongly against art imitating life.  I think art and creativity should

give the participants something to strive towards.  An Elevated Experience

sort of say.   That’s what I would love to convey in my work.