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Kevin Bright: Photographer

Kevin Bright is a professional photographer based out of Atlanta, GA.  He got his start in photography in 1998, taking a class in which he experimented with black and white imagery. Prior to that, he had been interested mainly in music and approaching photography from that perspective he got off to a creative start. After taking that first class he became focused on conceptual photography taking pictures of everything from cracks in the road to capturing the different hues of a rose pedal. Eventually, he developing a love the process and an even greater love for creative and abstract photography and brings that love and focus to every project that he’s apart of.

A longtime hobbyist photographer, Kevin began to approach his craft more earnestly after relocating to Atlanta in 2007. There he launched his own company, Technique Twelve Photography. Combining years of photography experience with an in-depth knowledge of Photoshop, Kevin is known for producing above average work and after attending film at the Art Institute of Atlanta he has made the transition into film and cinematography as well.